St. Thomas the Apostle Parish is excited to announce a new vision statement and game plan. Following many months of prayer, discernment and discussion involving both the Pastoral Council and the Senior Leadership Team, we are sharing with our parish family, our visitors and our greater community a focused direction to help all of us become true missionary disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision Statement & Game Plan

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church is a welcoming community that exists to make and equip missionary disciples through a transformative encounter with Jesus Christ, the Gate of Heaven. As spirit-filled disciples, we connect and share life together, love and serve the greater community, and worship and adore the living God.

The Game Plan

The game plan for getting from where we are to where we want to go (our vision) is comprised of several “building blocks” that will be our very intentional focus as we nurture each other in becoming missionary disciples. We begin our journey – our mission – by first being a prayerful community that unceasingly thanks, petitions, adores and worships our God. At the same time, we are a welcoming community that opens the door for all who wish to enter our church, the Gate of Heaven. Below are the important building blocks we have already begun to develop and will continue developing in the months and years to come:

1. Prayer and Worship – at the center of all that we do!
2. Invitational Church
4. ALPHA Teams
5. Connect Groups
6. Discernment of Gifts
7. Ministry and Missionary Outreach
8. Culture of Learning

We look forward to sharing more information on this exciting vision and game plan for St. Thomas the Apostle Parish! As one, united parish and school family, we look forward to the abundant blessings God has planned for us as we continue our journey in faith together! In the words of Blessed Solanus Casey – “We thank God ahead of time”.


Matthew Masarik

Teresa Gregor

Cathy Dowling

Karen McClelland

Kara Chavey

Judy Wojnowski

Dave Taccolini

Jim Norman

Obioma Nwachukwa

Moira Cullen

William Boudreaux

Paul Schultz

St. Thomas the Apostle Church