Thank you for your generous support of the work here at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish. We are only able to do the work of ministry because of your financial help. Thank you! As we strive to continue to meet the needs of the parish and school, we want to make it as easy as possible for parishioners to continue to support the work of the Lord.

We are launching an updated online giving software which is detailed below. We will continue the current online giving system in parallel for as long as it is needed but we would like to encourage everyone to sign up for the new portal as soon as it is available on June 24th. You will receive an email on June 24th with a direct link to your new account. At your convenience, you can populate your financial information and your giving request and activate the new account.

ParishSoft Giving (Our Newly Established Online Portal)
We ask that you please sign up for online giving through this new ParishSoft “online giving portal.” This will eventually be the only online giving program that we will use. 

  • For Existing Independent Donors: You can sign up (and allocate gifts to particular causes) using the link which you will receive in your email on June 24th. The link received in your email will take you directly to your account which can then be set up with your payment information and enable you to set up your donation(s) on this new platform.
  • For New Donors: You can create your new account by going to or call the Parish Office and we can set up a new account for you.
  • For Existing Managed Givers: Please call the Parish Office 734.761.8606 so we can update your Payment Information in the new Online Giving Portal.

Legacy Online Giving (Our Old Online Portal)
Legacy online giving is what we are calling the program we have been using prior to today. Once you have signed up in the new Parishsoft online giving portal, and set up your existing recurrent weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual gifts etc, please eliminate your gift in the old Legacy system at to avoid duplicate donations in both systems. This link will also be shared in our weekly parish newsletter.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the ParishSoft Donor Support Line at 866.930.4774 Ext 8.

St. Thomas the Apostle Church