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CD 232.91 StaStaples, TimMary : the indispensable mother of God2015Mary; Lighthouse
CD 232.91 TereTeresa, Mother, SaintMary : handmaid of the Lord2016Mary ; Lighthouse
CD 232.917 BroBrooks, Fr. JasonFatima : living the message2011Mary - Fatima; Lighthouse
CD 232.917 BurBurke, Raymond L., ArchbishopOur Lady of Guadalupe : mother of life2009Mary; Apparitions - Guadalupe
CD 232.917 GlyGlynn, PaulHealing fire of Christ; reflections on modern miracles; Knock, Lourdes, Fatima2001Miracles
CD 232.96 MilMiller, MonicaPassion of the Christ; interviews (The)2005Jesus Christ - Passion; Passion of the Christ - Movie
CD 232.97 SheSheen, Fulton J., Abp.True meaning of Easter (The)2012Easter; Lighthouse
CD 233 WesWest, ChristopherNaked without shame : a crash course in the Theology of the Body. 2nd ed. rev.22004Human Sexuality; Theology of the Body
CD 234 RicRichter, Fr. Thomas J.Trust in the Lord2012Trust in God; Lighthouse
CD 234.13 FlyFlynn, VinnyHealing and holiness2007Healing; Sacraments
CD 234.16 HahHahn, ScottSo help me God : the promise and power of the sacraments2015Sacraments; Lighthouse
CD 234.162 MarMartin, RalphWhy everyone needs to be baptized in the Spirit2008Baptism; Holy Spirit
CD 234.163 FlyFlynn, VinnySeven secrets of the Eucharist2006Theology; Eucharist
CD 234.163 MayMay, RichardEucharist explained (The)2011Eucharist
CD 234.163 RomRomero, JesseLife-changing stories of the Eucharist2012Eucharist; Lighthouse
CD 234.165 ResRestoring marriage today : Catholic Answers 2016 Nat. Conf.2016Marriage
CD 234.166 FlyFlynn, Vinny7 secrets of confession2016Sacraments - Confession; Lighthouse
CD 234.166 RicRichards, LarryConfession200-?Confession; Penance
CD 234.3 LeoLeonard, MatthewLove hurts : the truth behind redemptive suffering2013Suffering; Lighthouse
CD 235.3 HinHincks, Fr. MatthewGuardian angel and our spiritual life (The)2007Angels; Spiritual life
CD 239 Mid 2014Midwest Catholic apologetics conference2014Apologetics
CD 241.4 CasCasey, Fr. WilliamForgotten virtue : pathway to holiness (The)2016Humility; Lighthouse
CD 241.6 MCCMichigan Catholic Conf.Science of stem cells (The)2007Life Issues; Stem Cells
CD 241.6 MorMorton, DavidTestimony of healing sterilization reversal : an act of lovePro-Life Issues; Sterilization
CD 241.6 PavPavone, Fr. Frank A.Proclaiming the message of life : weekly reflections from the lectionaryLife Issues - Death; Schiavo, Terri
CD 241.6 Pav v.20Pavone, Fr. Frank A.Homilies : a collection of homilies from the holy Mass at the EWTN, Irondale, Ala.Homilies - Sept. 11, 2011
CD 241.6 RavRaviele, Dr. KathleenMargaret Sanger and the legacy of Planned Parenthood (Women of Grace Conf. Orlando, Fl.)Planned Parenthood; Sanger, Margaret
CD 241.6 RecRecordings from the Church Teaches Forum : July 20th & 21st, 20072007Catholic Church - Teaching; Catholic Faith
CD 241.6 SmiSmith, Janet E.Contraception : why not one more soul2003Life Issues; Contraception
CD 241.6 Smi CrackSmith, Janet E.Contraception : why not : cracking the contraception myths2003Life Issues; Contraception
CD 241.6 Smi/CSmith, Janet E.Contraception : why not? rev. and updated ver.2008Christian life - Contraception
CD 241.6 Smi/WSmith, Janet E.Why premarital sex is stupid2008Christian life - Sex
CD 241.65 BenBenedict XVI, PopeRespect life program 2009-2010 : every child brings us God's smile2010Respect Life
CD 241.65 FulFulwiler, JenniferSwitching sides : how I came to accept the truth about abortion2016Abortion; Lighthouse
CD 241.65 ProEnd abortion / post-election : Pro-Life summit2009Pro-Life Issues; Church and Politics
CD 241.66 SmiSmith, Janet E. Homosexuality : why not? sexual common senseHomosexuality
CD 242.2 DriDrive time devotions : directions for your spiritual journey : twenty daily devotions to jump-start your busy day. Vol. 12001Devotional literature; Daily readings
CD 242.2 SpaSparough, J. MichaelExamen of St. Ignatius : a life changing prayer (The)2015Prayer - Daily
CD 242.332 BarBarron, Fr. RobertJourney through Advent(A)2013Advent; Lighthouse
CD 242.332 HahHahn, ScottPrepare the way of the King : making the most of Advent2011Prayer - Advent; Lighthouse
CD 242.34 BarBarron, Bishop RobertMy beloved son : meditations for Lent2017Meditations - Lent; Lighthouse
CD 242.34 StTSt. Thomas lenten mission 2008 : encountering Christ2008Lenten sermons; St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
CD 242.7 MarMary FoundationRosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet (The)2003Rosary; Divine Mercy Chaplet
CD 242.74 CarCarlson, Robert J., BishopRosary for vocations2005Rosary; Prayers - Vocations
CD 242.74 FatFathers of MercyHoly rosary with the Fathers of Mercy (The)Rosary
CD 242.74 GriGrignion de Montfort, Louis-Marie, SaintSecret of the Rosary (The)2003Rosary
CD 242.74 HurHurd, BobContemplative Rosary; the joyful mysteries (A)2006Rosary
CD 242.74 RosaRosary for life2008Rosary
CD 242.74 ScaScallon, Dana and Fr. KevinRosary (The)1992Rosary
CD 242.74 SpaSparough, J. MichaelTreasures from the heart : meditations with Mary2015Mary - Meditations
CD 248 FraFrancis, Pope/read by Aarthur MoreyHappiness in this life (unabridged)2017Christian Life; Francis I, Pope
CD 248 GraGray, TimWalk the walk : following Christ as His disciple2013Christian Practice; Discipleship
CD 248 KelKelly, MatthewSeven pillars of Catholic spirituality (The)2010Catholicism; Spirituality
CD 248 LenLencioni, PatrickLight in the darkness : living a Christian life in a secular world2016Christian life; Lighthouse
CD 248 MarMartin, RalphGrowing in love : the stages of spiritual growth according to St. Catherine of Siena2003Spiritual life; Catherine, of Siena, Saint
CD 248 Mar/CMartin, RalphCalled to holiness, called to mission : the vision of John Paul II2004Christian life; John Paul II, Pope
CD 248 MorMore than conquerorsChristian life; Spiritual Combat
CD 248 PacPacwa, Fr. MitchRight perspective : understanding ourselves in relation to God (The)2015Christian Experience; Lighthouse
CD 248 RicRichards, LarryTruth (2016) (The)2016Life - Meaning; Lighthouse
CD 248.2 DenDenton, Adm. JeremiahWalking through the valley of the shadow of death2011Personal Narratives; Lighthouse
CD 248.2 FraMatt FraddBig question : God are you there? (The)2015God - Existence; Lighthouse
CD 248.2 GuaGuarendi, RaymondLogic of being Catholic : my reasons for returning (The)2015Personal Narratives; Lighthouse
CD 248.2 HunHunt, AllenConfessions of a mega-church pastor : how I discovered the hidden treasures of the Catholic Church2010Conversion Story; Lighthouse
CD 248.2 LinLing, LisaCalled to the collarReligious Life ; Vocations
CD 248.2 MasMasters, Fr. BurkeBaseball priest (The)2017Conversion Experiences
CD 248.2 NatNathanson, Dr. BernardAborting America : the story of an ex-abortionist and ex-atheist2012Conversion Experiences; Abortion
CD 248.2 PriPridmore, JohnGangland to promised land2011Conversion Stories; Lighthouse
CD 248.2 RayRay, StephenFinding the fullness of faith2007Conversion Experiences
CD 248.2 SchSchmidt, Anne MarieTo hell and back : divine love and the Cross2011Personal Narratives; Lighthouse
CD 248.2 WalWaltz, Fr. JoshuaAll things are possible for God2014Vocation - Priests; Lighthouse
CD 248.22 Mar No. 4Martin, RalphTransformation in Christ : the wisdom of St. John of the Cross : Talk 4 : our response to spiritual blessings2001Spiritual Blessings; Religious Experience
CD 248.22 Mar No. 6Martin, RalphTransformation in Christ : the wisdom of St. John of the Cross : Talk 6 : a transforming union - spiritual marriage2001Religious Experience
CD 248.3 KelKelly, MatthewPrayer process (The)2015Prayer - Process
CD 248.3 LeoLeonard, MatthewPray like a saint : wisdom for growing close to God2012Prayer; Lighthouse
CD 248.3 Menmenezes, Fr. WadeFathers of Mercy parish mission : rekindling Eucharistic amazement: the theology of Eucharistic adorationEucharistic adoration
CD 248.3 MerMerton, Thomas, O.C.S.O.Contemplative prayer2007Prayer; Spirituality
CD 248.4 CalCall to fidelity : the power of truth2011Christian life; Conference - Call to Holiness Conference (13th : Livonia, Mich. : 2011)
CD 248.4 CavCavins, JeffHidden power of forgiveness (The)2016Forgiveness; Lighthouse
CD 248.4 GraGray, TimBoys to men : the transforming power of virtue2003Men - Religious life
CD 248.4 HahHahn, ScottCounting your blessings2008Family - Religious life
CD 248.4 HerHerbeck, PeterConsolation or desolation? reflections on Ignatian rules for discernment of Spirits2015Ignatius, St. - Spiritual Exercises; Discernment of Spirits
CD 248.4 Kel/OKelly, MatthewOur lives change when our habits change2011Christian life; Lighthouse
CD 248.4 MarMartin, RalphHoliness in everyday life : the wisdom of Francis de Sales2002Christian life; Francis, de Sales, Saint
CD 248.4 Mar No. 2Martin, RalphWisdom of St. Francis de Sales : Talk 2 : overcoming sin and the affection for sin (The)2002Sin
CD 248.4 Mar No. 4Martin, RalphWisdom of St. Francis de Sales : Talk 4 : dealing with temptations (The)2002Temptation
CD 248.4 Mar/BMartin, RalphBuilding your life on Rock : standing firm in the storm2016Christian life
CD 248.4 Mar/UMartin, RalphUnion with God: learning from Teresa of Avila2003Christian life; Teresa of Avila, Saint
CD 248.4 MoreMore than conquerors: (contents : Ralph Martin. Spiritual combat and the doctrine of demons : Peter Herbeck. Living under the lordship of Christ : Sr. Ann Shields. The way of the disciple in the 21st century)200-?Christian life
CD 248.5 MadMadrid, PatrickWhy I am Catholic when I could be anything else2011Witness bearing; Catholicism
CD 248.8 HerHerbeck, PeterBattle for the family (The)2010Church Teaching - Family; Family
CD 248.833 WomWomen of GraceWomen of grace conference, Chicago, IL, April 2005, Teen Presentations2005Conferences; Christian life - Teens, Female
CD 248.844 BenBenkovic, Johnnette S.For love and marriage2010Marriage; Lighthouse
CD 248.844 GraGray, TimBeloved : finding happiness in marriage2015Marriage
CD 248.844 HahHahn, ScottFor your marriage : married life as covenant love - Pt. 1Married Couples; Theology of the Body
CD 248.844 RicRiccardo, JohnFor your marriage : theology of the body - pre-marriage talkMarried Couples; Theology of the Body
CD 248.844 SheSheen, Archbishop Fulton J.Spirit of sacrifice in the family (The)2005Christian life; Lighthouse
CD 248.844 WesWest, ChristopherMarriage and the Eucharist2003Marriage; Eucharist
CD 248.845 PopPopcak, Gregory and LisaGuide to raising (almost) perfect kids (A)2009Parenting
CD 248.86 CavCavins, JeffAmazing grace for those who suffer2002Suffering - Religious aspects; Christian life
CD 248.86 Cav/15Cavins, Jeff15 things to do in the midst of suffering2016Suffering; Lighthouse
CD 248.86 Cav/FCavins, Jeff15 things to do in the midst of suffering2005Suffering - Religious aspects
CD 248.86 Cav/MCavins, JeffMystery of suffering (The)2003Suffering - Religious aspects
CD 264.02 HahHahn, ScottFourth cup (The)Eucharist
CD 264.02 Hah /LHahn, ScottLamb's supper (The)2009Mass; Bible. N.T. Apocalypse - Interpretation
CD 264.02 RicRichards, LarryMass explained (The)200-?Mass
CD 269 Kre/CKresta, AlBecoming a radio active Catholic / the best of Kresta conference talks, part 12003Kresta, Al; Conference Talks
CD 269 Kre/CKresta, AlBest of Kresta conference talks : becoming a radio active Catholic and the debt the world owes the Catholic Church (The)2003Kresta, Al; Conference Talks
CD 269 Kre/CKresta, AlDebt the world owes the Catholic Church / the best of Kresta conference talks, part 2 (The)2003Kresta, Al; Conference Talks
CD 269 Kre/IKresta, AlBest of Al Kresta interviews (The)2003Kresta, Al; Interviews
CD 269.2 Wed/D Disc1Weddell, Sherry AnneCalled & gifted II : discernment in depth2009Evangelism
CD 269.2 Wed/D Disc2Weddell, Sherry AnneCalled & gifted II : discernment in depth2009Evangelism
CD 269.2 Wed/D Disc3Weddell, Sherry AnneCalled & gifted II : discernment in depth2009Evangelism
CD 269.2 Wed/WWeddell, Sherry AnneCalled & gifted workshop (The) : using your gifts; discover your call2008Evangelism
CD 269.6 KubKubicki, James, S.J.Evening review with Fr. James Kubicki, SJ (An)2008Retreats
CD 282 AmbD'Ambrosio, MarcellinoCatholic at heart (A)Catholicism
CD 282 EveEvert, JasonWhat's so great about being Catholic?2016Apologetics; Lighthouse
CD 282 RicRichards, LarryTruth (The)2002Life - Meaning
CD 306.7 SchSchmitz, Fr. MichaelFrom love by love for love2017Sexual Relations
CD 323.44 NicNichols, Arland K.Religious freedom in the United States2012Freedom of religion
CD 649.64 GuaGuarendi, RaymondDiscipline that lasts a lifetime : the best gift you can give your kids2008Child rearing; Discipline of children
CD 813 Bro/RRiccardo, JohnSeek the truth : the DaVinci code2006DaVinci Code by Dan Brown; Jesus Christ in literature
CD 813 Che/MChesterton, G.K./read by Kevin O'BrienManaliveFiction
CD 909.07 WeiWeidenkopf, SteveReal story of the Crusades (The)2014Crusades
CD 920 Ang/ArArroyo, RaymondMother Angelica : the remarkable story of a nun, her nerve and a network of miracles2005Angelica, Mother - Biography; EWTN
CD 920 Gio/DDeeter, Tim, Fr.Blessed Pier Giorgio : Mmn of the beatitudes2016Giorgio, Pier - Biography; Lighthouse
CD 920 Hah c.2Hahn, ScottConversion of Scott Hahn (The)200-?Hahn, Scott; Biography
CD 920 Joh/M pt.7Martin, RalphTransformation in Christ : the wisdom of St. John of the Cross : Talk 7, purification of the memory and will2001John, of the Cross, Saint; Christian life
CD 920 John/EEvert, JasonSaint John Paul the GreatJohn Paul II, Pope, Saint - Biography
CD 920 Phi/MMiravalle, Dr. MarkSt. Philomena : a saint for our times2012Philomena, St.; Lighthouse
CD 920 TereTeresa, Mother, SaintFace of God : Blessed Mother Teresa with a bonus talk by Dr. Scott Hahn (The)2008Teresa, Mother; Lighthouse
CD 920 TolRamsey, KenFrom slave to priest : the inspiring story of Fr. Augustine Tolton2011Tolton, Augustine; Lighthouse
CD-MusicHandelMessiah - highlights2003Music
CD-Music AdorateNova Schola GregorianaAdorate Deum : Gregorian chant from the Proper of the Mass1993Music ; Gregorian Chant
CD-Music AdventSt. C/2011Campbell, Lucia (Dir.)2011 St. Augustine's Advent concert : festival of lights2011Music - Advent
CD-Music Candled UNDUniversity of Notre Dame and Monastic Schola of Gethsemani AbbeyCandled seasons : music for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Candlemas1994Music - Christmas
CD-Music ChantGregorian chant practice CD : for use of St. Thomas the Apostle Church music ministry only2010Music - Chant; St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
CD-Music Christmas LatCoir of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate ConceptionChristmas at Mary's shrine ; 2018 ed.2018Music - Christmas
CD-Music Christmas St. T/2007Campbell, Lucia (Dir.)2007 St. Thomas Christmas concert: Festival of Lights : a family Christmas celebration2007Music - Christmas; St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
CD-Music Christmas St. T/2008Campbell, Lucia (Dir.)2008 St. Thomas Christmas concert: festival of Christmas lessons and carols2008Music - Christmas; St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
CD-Music Christmas St. T/2010Campbell, Lucia (Dir.)2010 St. Thomas Christmas concert: festival of Christmas lessons and carols2010Music - Christmas; St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
CD-Music Christmas St. T/2011Campbell, Lucia (Dir.)2011 St. Thomas Christmas concert2011Music - Christmas; St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
CD-Music Christmas WCCC v.1Wyoming Catholic CollegeChristmas in God's country, v.1Music - Christmas
CD-Music Christmas WCCC v.2Wyoming Catholic CollegeChristmas in God's country, v.2Music - Christmas
CD-Music Easter St. T/2011Campbell, Lucia (Dir.)2011 St. Thomas Easter concert2011Music - Easter; St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
CD-Music Gift AllAllentown Dioc. ChoirGift of love2002Music - Christmas
CD-Music His Love SteHis love is holding you : songs of peace & assurance / Jon Stenkoski's Celebrant Singers1995Music
CD-Music How Great HeiHow great thou art : 20 favorite Christian hymns : a relaxing instrumental / Jack Heinzl1989Music
CD-Music In God's McMMcMonagle, HelenIn God's time1999Music
CD-Music Mater DomDominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the EucharistMater Eucharistiae2013Music
CD-Music Mother AshMother of life, Son of Mary1996Music; Ashbaugh, William
CD-Music Mother Ash c.2Ashbaugh, Fr. BillMother of life, Son of Mary1996Music; Ashbaugh, William
CD-Music Resurrection RogRogers, RobertResurrection2001Music
CD-Music Spring St. T/2012Campbell, Lucia (Dir.)2012 St. Thomas Spring concert2012Music - Spring; St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
CD-Music St. T NowNowak, NancySt. Thomas adult choir (The)Music; St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
CD-Music Wings BouBouchard, DennyOn wings of peace : instrumental music for prayer and meditation1991Music - Prayer
DVD 200.97 RedRediscovering God in America2007United States - Religion
DVD 220.7 CavCavins, JeffUnlocking the mystery of the Bible2015Bible - Commentary
DVD 222 ExoExodus revealed : search for the Red Sea crossing (The)2002Bible. O.T. Exodus
DVD 229.8 LosLost Gospels or false Gospels?2007Gospels - Alternative; Early Christianity
DVD 231.2 LorLord, Bob and PennyInfant of Prague : miracles of the Child Jesus series (The)1988Miracles; Infant of Prague
DVD 231.4 FacFace of mercy (The)2016Divine Mercy; Testimonies
DVD 231.6 GodGod's mercy : a universal hope2008God - Mercy
DVD 232.8 GreGreatest figures of salvation history : a closer look at Jesus and Mary (The)2006Jesus Christ; Mary
DVD 232.91 FulFull of grace : the story of Mary the mother of Jesus2015Mary
DVD 232.91 Mar/MFootprints of God: Mary the mother of God2002Mary; Footprints of God Series
DVD 232.91 Mar/NMary of Nazareth2014Mary
DVD 232.917 BetBetania : land of graceMary; Apparitions and miracles - Betania, Venezuela
DVD 232.917 CroCross, Ashley (Dir.)Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help (The)2011Mary; Apparitions and miracles - United States
DVD 232.917 DolDolan, BobAmerican apparition : Our Lady of Good Help (An)2012Mary; Apparitions and miracles - United States
DVD 232.917 GuaGuadalupe : a living image2010Mary; Apparitions and miracles - Guadalupe
DVD 232.917 LorLord, Bob and PennyOur Lady of the Miraculous Medal1988Mary; Apparitions and miracles - Paris
DVD 232.917 LouLourdes : un message actuel (French Language)2002Mary; Apparitions and miracles - Lourdes
DVD 232.917 MirMiracles of Lourdes (The)2008Mary; Apparitions and miracles - Lourdes
DVD 232.917 MonMontalban, RicardoFatima2006Mary; Apparitions and miracles - Fatima
DVD 232.917 Mon/MMontalban, RicardoMarian apparitions of the 20th CenturyMary; Apparitions and miracles
DVD 232.917 Thi13th day (The)2009Mary; Apparitions and miracles - Fatima
DVD 232.92 NatNativity story (The)2007Nativity
DVD 232.92 StaMcEveety, Stephen (Prod.)Star of Bethlehem : unlock the mystery of the world's most famous star (The)2009Jesus Christ - Nativity; Star of Bethlehem
DVD 232.92 Sta/SStained glass Christmas with heavenly carols (A)2006Christmas; Music
DVD 232.923 FouFourth wise man1985Wise Men (Magi)
DVD 232.96 GibGibson, MelPassion of the Christ (The)2004Jesus Christ - Passion
DVD 234.13 NameIn the name of miracles : the miracle that led to Faustina's sainthood2015Faustina, Saint - Miracles; Digan, Maureen
DVD 234.163 BarBarron, Fr. RobertEucharist2009Eucharist; Sacraments
DVD 234.163 Cal/EYear of the Eucharist : 10th annual Call to Holiness Conference 20052005Eucharist; Call to Holiness Conf.
DVD 236.24 AngAngelica, M., MotherHeaven : classic talks by Mother Angelica2006Heaven; Angelica, Mother
DVD 236.24 HeaHeaven is for real2014Heaven
DVD 239 BroBroussard, KarloWhy God still matters2016Apologetics
DVD 239 RicRiccardo, Fr. John and Andrews, Pastor SteveCommon ground : what Protestants and Catholics can learn from each other2007Apologetics; Ecumenism
DVD 241.1 HaaHaas, Dr. John & Paul SchenckJourney home : personal ethics (The)2005Ethics; Conversion stories
DVD 241.3 BarBarron, Bishop RobertBishop Robert Barron's seven deadly sins, seven lively virtues2015Sin; Virtue
DVD 241.3 BarBarron, Bishop RobertSeven deadly sins, seven lively virtues2015Sin; Virtue
DVD 241.4 MorMorris, JonathanHope in the midst of war2012Hope; Evangelistic work
DVD 241.65 LivLiving hope : stories from the crusade / Crusade for Life 20042004Pro-Life Issues; Pro-Life Crusade
DVD 242 ConMiller, Fr. Frederick (commentaries)40-day preparation for total consecration2006Devotional literature; Totus Tuus
DVD 242.74 GaiGaitley, Fr. Michael33 days to morning glory2012Mary - Devotion to; Retreats
DVD 248.1 ChriChristian Family MovementWelcome! : introduction to CFM2007?Christian Family Movement; Family - Religious Life
DVD 248.2 CalCalloway, Fr. DonaldExtreme mercy II2013Conversion Stories; Calloway, Fr. Donald
DVD 248.2 HerHerbeck, PeterReign of God is at hand (The)2007Conversion; Christian life
DVD 248.4 HowHoward, Thomas and Kreeft, P.Philosophers' bench (The)2015Christian life
DVD 248.843 JesJesus calls women (English and Spanish languages)2009Christian life - Women
DVD 248.86 GroGroeschel, Benedict J., C.F.R.Getting God's help2006Suffering
DVD 255.91 SisSisterhood2017Consecrated Life - Women; Papal Document
DVD 255.91 WhyWhyte, MichaelNo greater love : a unique portrait of the Carmelite nuns2010Carmelite Nuns
DVD 262.7 ThaThat all may be one : healing the wounds of division2006?Christian union
DVD 264 MasGod revealed in the Mass2011Mass; God-Revealed
DVD 264.02 OneVoris, MichaelMass (The) / The one true faith seriesMass
DVD 269.2 BarBarron, Bishop RobertCatholicism : the new evangelization2013Evangelism; Catholic Church - Doctrines
DVD 270.1 ApoApostolic fathers : handing on the Christian faith2007Church history - Early Church; Church Fathers
DVD 271.01 GroGroning, PhilipInto great silence2007Monasticism; Carthusian Order
DVD 271.53 AMDGA.M.D.G. : a world is not enough2006Jesuits; Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint
DVD 282 Bar Ep. 1-2Barron, Bishop RobertCatholicism2011Catholic Church
DVD 282 Bar Ep. 3-4Barron, Bishop RobertCatholicism2011Catholic Church
DVD 282 Bar Ep. 5-6Barron, Bishop RobertCatholicism2011Catholic Church
DVD 282 Bar Ep. 7-8Barron, Bishop RobertCatholicism2011Catholic Church
DVD 282 Bar Ep. 9-10Barron, Bishop RobertCatholicism2011Catholic Church
DVD 362.5 MilMiller, Michael M.Poverty, Inc : fighting poverty is big business, but who profits the most?2015Charity; Economic Development
DVD 726.5 NatNational shrine (English and Spanish versions) (The)1999Churches - USA; Immaculate Conception, Shrine
DVD 90 Min90 minutes in heaven2015Motion picture; Heaven
DVD 909 GinGingrich, Newt and Callista (hosts)Nine days that changed the world2010John Paul II, Pope, Saint - Travel; Poland
DVD 920 AugCary, PhilipAugustine : philosopher and saint1997Augustine, Saint; Biography
DVD 920 BakhitaBakhita : from slave to saint2009Bakhita, Josephine; Biography
DVD 920 CasSolanus Casey : priest, porter, prophet2006Casey, Solanus, O.F.M. Cap; Biography
DVD 920 Cas/GGeyer, AudreyHealing prophet : Solanus Casey (The)200-?Casey, Solanus, O.F.M. Cap; Biography
DVD 920 Cas/WWeaver, JoeHeroic journey : the life and legacy of Solanus Casey. abridged version (The)1991Casey, Solanus, O.F.M. Cap; Biography
DVD 920 DamMolokai : the story of Father Damien1999Biography; Father Damian
DVD 920 DayEntertaining angels; the Dorothy Day story19 - ?Day, Dorothy - Biography
DVD 920 Fau/PProphet of mercy : the story of St. Faustina in fifteen acts (The)2006Faustina, Saint; God - Mercy
DVD 920 Fra/FFrancis : the Pope from the new world2013Francis, Pope - Biography
DVD 920 Fra/WWho is Pope Francis?2013Francis, Pope - Biography
DVD 920 Fra/WoWohar, Christine M. & Wanda GawronskaSanctity within reach : Pier Giorgio Frassati2009Frassati, Pier G. - Biography
DVD 920 JoaJoan of Arc1999Joan of Arc, St. - Biography
DVD 920 Joh/AsPope John XXIII : the pope of peace2002John XXIII, Pope; Biography
DVD 920 John/DPope John Paul II : a documentary of the life2005John Paul II, Pope - Biography
DVD 920 John/LLife & times of Pope John Paul II2003John Paul II, Pope, Saint - Biography
DVD 920 John/PPalmer, GeoffreyPope John Paul II : 1920-20052005John Paul II, Pope - Biography
DVD 920 JPIPope John Paul I : the smile of God2006Biography; John Paul I, Pope
DVD 920 MolLife of St. Gianna Molla : love is a choice (The)2005Molla, Gianna, Saint; Biography
DVD 920 Pau/SSmith, GlennVisit with Saint Paul (A)2009-2016Paul, Apostle, Saint
DVD 920 Pau/S c.2Smith, GlennVisit with Saint Paul (A)2009-2016Paul, Apostle, Saint
DVD 920 PicBrian's song : an inspiring true story of friendship and courage2000Piccolo, Brian - Biography; Sayers, Gale - Biography
DVD 920 Pio/MPadre Pio : miracle man2000Padre Pio
DVD 920 PiuPius XII : under the Roman sky2010Pius XII, Pope - Biography
DVD 920 PodHidden in silence : a true story as heart-breaking and inspiring as Schindler's List2010Podgorska, Stefania - Biography; WWII - Underground movements
DVD 920 SteEdith Stein : the seventh chamber2010Stein, Edith, St. - Biography
DVD 920 Tere/HMother Teresa (with Olivia Hussey)2003Mother Teresa; Biography
DVD 920 The/DDefilippis, LeonardoTherese : ordinary girl : extraordinary soul.2004-6Therese, of Lisieux, Saint; Biography
DVD 920 VanTRoad of hope : the spiritual journey of Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan2008Biography; Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan, Cardinal
DVD 920 Vinc/CCloche, MauriceMonsieur Vincent1947Vincent de Paul, St. - Biography
DVD 922 v.1 Bar/AquBarron, Bishop RobertCatholicism : the pivotal players : St. Thomas Aquinas, the theologian2016Aquinas, Thomas, St.
DVD 922 v.1 Bar/CatBarron, Bishop RobertCatholicism : the pivotal players : St. Catherine of Siena, the mystic2016Catherine of Sienna, St.
DVD 922 v.1 Bar/CheBarron, Bishop RobertCatholicism : the pivotal players : G.K. Chesterton, the evangelist2016Chesterton, G. K.
DVD 922 v.1 Bar/FraBarron, Bishop RobertCatholicism : the pivotal players : St. Francis of Assisi, the reformer2016Francis of Assisi, St.
DVD 922 v.1 Bar/MicBarron, Bishop RobertCatholicism : the pivotal players : Michelangelo, the artist2016Michelangelo
DVD 922 v.1 Bar/NewBarron, Bishop RobertCatholicism : the pivotal players : Blessed John Henry Newman, the convert2016Newman, John Henry
DVD AloneAlone yet not alone : their faith became their freedom2015Motion picture; French and Indian War
DVD BasketBasket; special edition (The)2001Motion picture; Basketball
DVD ChristmasChristmas box; timepiece (The)2003Motion picture; Christmas
DVD FireproofFireproof : never leave your partner behind2009Motion picture
DVD GreatestGreatest miracle (The)2011Movie; Angels
DVD HillHill number one (Classic Television Series)Television Program; Family Programing
DVD KeysKeys of the kingdom2006Motion Picture; Missionary
DVD LoR-1 FellowshipFellowship of the ring : special extended edition (with the Appendices)2002Motion picture; Tolkien, J.R.R. - Lord of the Rings
DVD RememberRemember the Titans; director's cut2006Motion picture
DVD SongSong of Bernadette2013Motion Picture; Lourdes
DVD SpitfireSpitfire grill (The)1999Motion picture
J 920 Set/SStone, Elaine MurrayElizabeth Bayley Seton; an American saint1993Seton, Elizabeth Ann, Saint; Juvenile literature
J AngelsO'Boyle, Donna Marie CooperAngels for kids2013Angels; Juvenile literature
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