In Latin, students are introduced to one of the most important languages in the history of Western Civilization and one in which the Catholic tradition is deeply rooted. The main emphasis of this course is learning Latin grammar but students will also be introduced to beginning Latin conversation, aspects of life in ancient Rome, the relation of Latin to other languages (especially English), and core prayers in Latin such as the Ave Maria (Hail Mary) and Gloria Patri (Glory be). The course requires a year-long commitment and meets twice a week. The teaching method used in this class is very engaging, with frequent questions and answers from both students and teacher. In weekly homework assignments, students cement the Latin skills they learn through applying them.

Learning Latin in grade school (6th through 8th grade offering) brings a variety of benefits to students. They grow and develop a more thorough grasp of grammar and creativity in writing. They gather insights the vocabulary and history of English and other languages. They gain knowledge of, and appreciation for, the language which the Catholic Church has used for over 1,500 years. They build a foundation for continuing their studies of Latin in high school and beyond, opening them to the literature and insights offered by this ancient language.