School Facts


  • In 1868, in this building, St. Thomas School opened the doors to families in the greater Ann Arbor area.  The School was staffed by Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters from Monroe.
  • In 2018, our school will celebrate 150 continuous years of operation as the oldest Catholic school in the Ann Arbor area and one of the oldest in the country.
  • Over the past century and a half, thousands upon thousands of  students have passed through the halls and graduated from St. Thomas the Apostle School.
  • We are a destination school with students come from many communities surrounding  Ann Arbor.
  • Our student population is very diverse in culture, faith and socio-economic background.
  • St. Thomas High School (9th through 12th grade) became Fr. Gabriel Richard High School in 1977.  In 2003, a new high school building opened off campus at Dominos’s Farms.  The high school continues as the only Catholic high school between metro Detroit and Jackson.
  • St. Thomas the Apostle School has always been focused on offering authentic and affordable Catholic education to families in the greater Ann Arbor area.


  • We are accredited through the Michigan Non-Public School Accrediting Association.
  • We are committed to academic excellence, while providing a vibrant and nurturing atmosphere for students and their families.
  • We have a strong School Advisory Committee and an active Parent Teacher Guild.
  • Students are offered a Christ-centered, challenging and comprehensive academic curriculum in an educational environment where they can truly develop their God-given talents.
  • Our faculty is certified, skilled, and dedicated. They teach to the highest standards, setting the bar for academic excellence and aspiring to “Teach as He taught”.
  • Advanced math classes are offered for accelerated students.
  • We offer Guided Reading in grades K-8 and Guided Math embedded in the curriculum for grades K-4.
  • Spanish is taught beginning in preschool. Latin is offered in middle school.
  • Music instruction, including violin and band, are offered. Music begins in preschool.
  • Kindergarten prep is offered in preschool.


  • St. Thomas has always been committed to providing authentic Catholic education.  We are proud to be a Catholic school.
  • Students participate in the “Education in Virtue, Disciples of Christ” program where they learn to exercise the essentials of vigorous moral character.
  • Religion is taught daily. The “Catechesis of the Good Shepherd” program is offered to preschool and kindergarten students.
  • All-School Mass is celebrated every Wednesday morning, and assigned grade level Masses are celebrated every
  • Friday morning. Parents are always encouraged to attend.
  • Every morning and afternoon, students and faculty pray together (all-school prayer).
  • Christian service projects are undertaken and completed quarterly, in each grade and as a whole school.


  • St. Thomas has a Media Center, a Computer Lab with 30 terminals and a well-equipped Science Lab.
  • Each classroom has computers connected to the internet.  There is one for the teacher and two or more for students. In addition, wireless connections are available in each classroom for iPads (tablets), iPods and other portable devices.
  • The St. Thomas School website offers links for parent communications, homework and other assignments for students.


  • We encourage responsible student leadership through Student Council in grades 5-8.
  • There is a uniform dress code for grades K-8
  • Educational field trips for preschool students through 8th grade are scheduled throughout the year.
  • There is frequent collaboration with St. Thomas Parish for participation in events like youth groups, children’s choir and altar serving.
  • An Extended School Program (ESP) is available for families who need before and after school care.
  • Extracurricular activities are offered and strongly encouraged.


  • Sports teams and games are part of our strong athletic program.
  • Preschoolers participate in the physical education program.
  • We collaborate with the University of Michigan in the “Project Healthy Bodies” program for middle school students.
  • A healthy, hot lunch is served daily in the cafeteria.