School Advisory Council

The St. Thomas Catholic School Advisory Council (SAC) serves as a coordinated network of parents, school and parish staff members focusing their time and talent into specific school improvement goal areas.  Being comprised of three Leadership Teams working in parallel, each team identifies short term improvement goals within their respective areas of school life including:  Catholic Life (Parish Leadership Team), Catholic Community (Parent Leadership Team) and Catholic Mind (School Leadership Team).  The Council works through two improvement cycles per school year, each team identifying and pursuing specific goals over the course of each four month cycle, reporting out mid-cycle on their progress and continuing activity toward the attainment of their goals.



NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 15th at 7 p.m. in the Parish hall.




Parish Leadership Team

Head: Mr. Larry Nienhaus

Sacramental Life: Fr. William Ashbaugh

Spiritual Life: Mrs. Beth Spinarzy

Formation: Mrs. Monica Pope


Parent Leadership Team

Head:  Mr. Adam Skoczylas

Communications: Mr. Adam Skoczylas

Marketing: Mr. Jason Fischer

Fellowship: Mrs. Ann Marie Weitzel

School Leadership Team

Head: Mr. Tim DiLaura

Curriculum: Mrs. Alyssa Nett

Instruction: Mrs. Elizabeth McGirt

Culture: Mrs. Laure Dallas

2017-2018 School Improvement Cycle II

January 16, 2018 Goal Setting Meeting

March 20, 2018 Goal Progress Meeting

May 15, 2018 Goal Achievement Meeting

Meeting Minutes 2016-2017

Please click here for the SAC Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2016

Please click here for the SAC Meeting Minutes – October 18, 2016

Please click here for the SAC Meeting Minutes – November 15, 2016

Please click here for the SAC Meeting Minutes – January 17, 2017