The entire setting of the human drama has been and remains the search for answers to the fundamental human questions and the human desire for God. In a classical Catholic curriculum, students are provided the vantage point of Christian revelation which reveals the entire historical span of human activity and its fulfillment in Christ. From the pre-Christian cultures, whose works can be understood within their own setting, all is united in Christ who reconciles all things in Himself. History is understood neither as a continual span of progress to the present, nor as a random sequence of events, but rather as a drama, a story of the relationship between man and God. The historical development of civilizations, societies, personages, events, the works of literature, the arts and the sciences, are understood from the deeper human conflict with ourselves and the historical order brought to human history through divine providence. Students are guided to learn from the key epochs of human history, gaining an understanding of their character, motivations, works, and lessons. The student then seeks to understand their own culture and their role in being a citizen of the church, their society, and mankind—continuing to live for ourselves and our time answers to the questions Who are we? Why do we exist? What is our destiny?

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School