The language arts are grounded in the art of reading well, speaking well and thinking well. Reading must become both efficient and insightful—the foundation of communication between one mind and another, between the mind and its cultural heritage. Students must both achieve reading fluency in the lower grammar stage (Kinder – 2nd ), as well as a mastery of the English language through grammar (upper grammar stage and logic stage students). This development is continued in the study of Latin in upper school (by logic stage students.) Close ties are made between literature, history, and religion. Through literary works, students gain deep lessons on how to live, on the complexity of the human person and our story, and the creative work of written expression that allows us to express our humanity. Recitation of classic works brings students face-to-face with the drama, beauty, and creativity which motivate further explorations in reading and inspires them in their own writing.

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School