The subject at the heart of every other subject. The cosmos is an ordered unified whole as it is created in Christ “in Whom all things hold together” (1 Cor 1:17). This reality leads us to worship which is the highest form of knowledge. Religion class is intended to lead the student into a union of faith, prayer, and adoration of God. Through daily religious instruction and Liturgy, with a consistent focus on service and growth in virtue, each student and the school is brought into communion with the risen Lord and with each other in the practice of that love Who is Jesus Christ. This reality of love is the true foundation for the entire human community and its development of culture, society, and civilization.

Students are to be introduced to the wealth of Catholic culture as the fruit of God’s revelation in the world and in the human person. This includes our vocation to love in marriage, religious and consecrated life. Upper school religion includes formation in the ‘theology of the body’ as a beautiful image of life and love. Through catechetical training, students learn what the Catholic Church teaches, and how its teachings matter to our happiness on earth and eternal life with God. All instruction, experiences, and activities should therefore ultimately seek to lead each child into a more sincere and personal faith, hope and love of God.

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School