Choral Arts/Choir

The study and experience of the musical arts are to hearing what the visual arts are to sight. This experience should develop the power of listening—a form of attention that leads students to recognize the qualities of sound and appreciate musical beauty. Students can also experience the mathematical within music, in rhythm, harmony, and measure. Joy in music is provided to children through choral song, which is an opportunity to develop an appreciation of the tradition of sacred music. Students singing the Salve Regina for example, or other pieces for the liturgical seasons become a celebration of their faith. To grow their appreciation of music and song all students’ will participate in the school’s schola cantorum (school of song). If interested, a child can study an instrument and participate in the school orchestra which offers students the opportunity to perform some of the richest and beautiful works of music in the western tradition.

Mrs. Ginger Herrmann

Choral Music Director

(734) 769-0911 Ext. 3212

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School