Physical Education

Play, like happiness, is its own end. Physical education allows students to enjoy the physical activity of play in structured forms of movement, gaming, and sport that lead to physical well-being, motor control, stamina, and teamwork. These develop the human body, providing for its need of physical exercise and trains students in their responsible care for the body as a temple of the human soul and Holy Spirit. This care is to lead students to take responsibility for their physical health and the body’s need for exercise, an appropriate diet and rest. Through physical education training, including repetition, practice, and competition, a child also develops a sense of physical excellence–of strength, endurance, coordination, and gracefulness. Team sports allow training in good sportsmanship and the focus beyond the individual to the good of the team. Mental focus, perseverance, and high standards should characterize the physical education experience of the child.

Mr. Conrad Miller

Phys Ed Instructor/ A.D.

(734) 769-0911 Ext. 1012

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School