Visual Arts

The study of the visual arts is intended to foster a sensitivity and appreciation of beauty, not as a mere subjective preference or matter of taste, but as an objective feature of the created world both in reality and in man-made works. Beauty in both nature and human works is the presence of an objective relationship to the divine. The experience of beauty in art brings delight and inspiration to the student and moves them to create something beautiful for them self. This ability to render in different mediums is trained through observation of models of beauty, and in practicing their imitation–through attention to detail, shape, color, and perspective. A student then builds upon these skills of observation and rendering by applying their own creative imagination to produce beauty. This study and development should be especially infused with the treasures of Catholic art which capture the mystery of the eternal in the temporal that is objective beauty. Throughout the grammar, logic and rhetoric stages of learning, a child is able to capture the beauty in their age-appropriate experience and expression of it.

Mrs. Susan Mangan

Visual Arts Teacher

(734) 769-0911 Ext. 3213

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School