St. Thomas Library Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Thomas School Library is to encourage the reading of books that are good, true, and beautiful in order to root our students in the classical traditions of Western Civilization and the richness of our Catholic faith.

The Beauty of a Book~ The written word is a profound reality flowing out of The Word Himself and proceeding all the way to the shelf of a library where a child reaches out to pick up a book, open its pages, and encounters the power and beauty of meaning.  We seek to help our students experience a book as an invitation to something larger than themselves—not just a means to an end as much of technology driven reading has become, but as an encounter of their hearts and minds with the true, the good and the beautiful.

From Library to Reading Room ~ To help our students experience the awesome mystery of reading a good book we have begun to transform the current library room into a special reading room space.  Along with the development of our collection with our classical curriculum and reading lists, we want to create a space where our school community is welcomed into an environment of serenity, focus, and discover.

From our Library Committee:  As we look to develop our collection to better support our classical Catholic curriculum, the Library Committee is sponsoring a Wish List Donation Program where our families can donate a book from our classical curriculum reading list that our collection does not currently have available.  We invite all our school and parish families to visit our St. Thomas School Online Wish List and make a purchase of a book for our school’s collection.  Students for years to come will be able to enjoy rich and rewarding reading through your generosity which will be noted with a special label placed inside each donated book.  Thank you for your participation in building up our library collection at St. Thomas.

Our thanks again to our library committee and to our entire school community for the support of this effort to help children understand and experience the power of reading a book.

Library Wish List

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School