Welcome to St. Thomas

Welcome to St. Thomas!

As headmaster of St. Thomas, I  invite you to imagine the grace your children would receive by attending a Catholic school.  At St. Thomas Catholic School we continue a 150 year legacy of preparing each child to engage the world around them with wisdom, confidence, and love.

For many families, a Catholic education has never been seriously considered, whether because they never attended a Catholic school themselves, assume it isn’t financially possible, or are uncertain of the academic performance.  I offer that all of us need to closely examine the assumptions that determine where our children are educated.

First, to seriously examine the option to educate a child in a Catholic school, one must understand that a Catholic education changes, not just a child’s spiritual life, and academic achievement, but the life and culture of the entire family.  Does your family need more?

St. Thomas Catholic School will touch your whole family–daily, concretely, spiritually–as you and your children enter into a larger community of faith, of learning, of fellowship and growth.  The choice to enroll your children in a Catholic school and become ‘a Catholic school family’ is to be a family no longer moved downstream by the cultural currents of our age, but rather upstream, doing so—not alone—but in a larger community united by daily communication, prayer and blessings.

Come and experience our community for yourself–a technology-equipped Catholic classroom, uniformed students, engaging teachers, differentiated instruction and an accessible, professional administration.  Thank you for considering what is possible for your family—academically and spiritually—and what it would mean for your family to experience the community of learning, leadership and love that is  St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School.

Timothy DiLaura, Headmaster
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