“It was when I was happiest that I longed most…The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing…to find the place where all the beauty came from.”

– C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces

Welcome! Below you can find your child’s grade and what they are doing in class as well as what is due for homework.

5th Grade – This week, our 5th graders are reading through various Greek myths in class.

6th Grade – This week in 6th grade, we are starting Anne of Green Gables.

7th Grade – 7th graders are starting Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

8th Grade – Our 8th graders are starting Homer’s The Iliad.

Homework for Week of 11/14 – 11/18

(Please note: Homework is subject to change depending on how much we are able to cover in class. This is simply the planned homework.)

5th Grade –
6th Grade – Read ch. 1 (Fri.), ch. 2 (for Mon.)
7th Grade – Finish Stave 1 (Fri.)
8th Grade- Finish Book 1 (Fri.)

POETRY MEMORIZATION for all grades (due 12/2)

For poetry memorization this year, the students have been thinking about how great poetry is a thing of beauty that is easy to memorize and carry with you always (as opposed to a painting, which is practically impossible to truly “memorize” fully, or even songs, which have many moving parts and layers of recording that make it difficult to truly memorize and keep with you, and so on for novels, movies, and other works of art). By memorizing poems, students can carry a thing of beauty with them at all times and can turn to it whenever they wish, and by turning to and loving that transcendental beauty, they are turning to and loving God.

The students will be focusing on shorter poems so that the memorization component of their recitations is fairly easy. Instead of struggling with sheer memorization, I want them using these recitations as an opportunity to really hone their skills at oration. Hopefully they will move beyond standing still and simply getting through the poem and will instead start really performing the poem, becoming a compelling and engaging public speaker.

PLASE NOTE: Those in the class play are required to memorize their lines and are excused from memorizing the poem.

Grades 5, 6, and 7 memorize poem below. Grade 8 is memorizing the opening stanza of The Iliad. Grade 9 is excused from recitation as they are all participating in the play.

Orpheus, from Henry VIII
William Shakespeare

Orpheus with his lute made trees   
And the mountain tops that freeze   
  Bow themselves when he did sing:   
To his music plants and flowers   
Ever sprung; as sun and showers 
  There had made a lasting spring.   
Every thing that heard him play,   
Even the billows of the sea,   
  Hung their heads and then lay by.   
In sweet music is such art, 
  Killing care and grief of heart   
  Fall asleep, or hearing, die. 



Mr. Dan Massett

6th H.R. / 5-8th Literature

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