06 June, 2022

Welcome to the last week of School!

I hope that your summer is restful. Encourage your student to find good books to read, questions to ponder, and friends to share it with; keep the learning going throughout the year. I want to thank all of you for your hard work this year with your student, and for the opportunity to teach them. I have thoroughly enjoyed the year and I look forward to having my students in my 6th Grade History class next year!

Congratulations to Raphael House for winning the most house points for the year! If you have a student in Raphael House, their field trip permission slips are with them and are due Friday


You can find the assignments for this week below under each subject.

Make sure your student has all of the materials they need for the school day, pencils, pens, etc.


Our upper school absent work policy: Students will have one additional day to turn in homework for each day they missed.

No late work is accepted in Mr. Snyder’s class



Mr. Bryce Snyder

9th Grade Homeroom / 5th -8th Grade History

(734) 769-0911 Ext. 3354

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School