Grace and Peace from God our Father our Lord Jesus Christ. – Phil 1:2

Welcome to Mr. Mileski’s Theology classroom. I am exceptionally grateful to have this opportunity to help lead your child in a journey to discover Him, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Week 325678
MondayArk TestJesus in ArtPrayer in ArtMoral Theology
TuesdayParts of the Whole PersonMessiahPrayer in JudaismObjective vs. Subjective Morality
WednesdayIllness and SinWriting WednesdayWriting WednesdayWriting Wednesday
Week 315678
MondayOur Role in ForgivenessExile and ReturnWhat Holy Orders does for youCompare and Contrast: 10 Commandments and 8 Beatitudes
TuesdayStudy GuideStudy GuideStudy GuideStudy Guide
ThursdayUnit 6 TestUnit 6 TestUnit 6 TestUnit 6 Test
Week 305678
MondayNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo School
TuesdaySeal of ConfessionJeremiahHistory of Holy OrdersFifth Beatitude
WednesdayDaily ExamenIsaiahBeauty of Holy OrdersSixth Beatitude
ThursdayDevelopment of the SacramentExileWhat Holy Orders does for youSeventh Beatitude
FridayOpen Forum FridayOpen Forum FridayOpen Forum FridayEighth Beatitude
Week 29 5678
MondayWriting MondayDavidWhat Anointing does for youFirst Beatitude
TuesdayI Confess part 1SolomonHistory of MarriageSecond Beatitude
WednesdayI Confess part 2Prophetic AgeBeauty of MarriageThird Beatitude
ThursdaySeal of ConfessionElijahWhat Marriage does for youFourth Beatitude
FridayNo SchoolNo SchoolNo SchoolNo School
Week 285678
MondayAtonement in the Old TestamentDeborah and JaelBeauty of ConfessionReview
TuesdayThe Cross’ Atonement SamsonWhat confession does for youUnit 5 Test
WednesdayContritionSamuelHistory of AnointingWriting Wednesday
ThursdayWhy confess to a priestSaulBeauty of AnointingJesus as Model of Holiness
FridayEucharistic AdorationDavidWhat anointing does for youOpen Forum Friday
Week 275678
MondayStudy GuideStudy GuideStudy GuideJesus teaches the Decalogue
TuesdayReviewReviewReviewProcess of Making a Moral Decision
WednesdayUnit 5 TestUnit 5 TestUnit 5 TestTemptation
ThursdaySin wounds the soulJoshuaHistory of ConfessionStudy Guide
FridayTypes of SinJudges: Deborah and JaelBeauty of ConfessionEucharistic Adoration
Week 265678
TuesdayField trip to the Detroit Institute of ArtField trip to the Detroit Institute of ArtField trip to the Detroit Institute of ArtField trip to the Detroit Institute of Art
WednesdayStudy GuideReviewStudy GuideJesus Interprets 10 Commandments
ThursdayReviewTestReviewObject, Intent, and Circumstance
FridayTestOpen Forum FridayTestTemptation
Week 255678
MondayWhat is Eucharistic AdoationThe DesertHistory of EucharistEighth Commandment
TuesdayProgressive SolemnityMoses’ SinBeauty of EucharistSixth and Ninth Commandments
WednesdayMatter and Form of EucharistPassover and the CrossWhat Eucharist does for youWriting Wednesday
ThursdayEucharistic MiraclesStudy GuideInitiation into the TrinitySeventh and Tenth Commandments
Week 245678
MondayNWEASpeakers NWEA Third Commandment
Tuesday NWEA Red Sea NWEA Fourth Commandment
Wednesday NWEA 10 Commandments NWEA Writing Wednesday
ThursdayLast Supper and CalvaryProjectBeauty of ConfirmationFifth Commandment
FridayTransubstantiationAdorationWhat Confirmation does for youOpen Forum Friday
Week 235678
MondayRosaryTetragrammatonHistory of BaptismConscience
TuesdayBread of Life DiscoursesCatholic Schools Week ActivityBeauty of BaptismMorality of the 1st commandment
WednesdayWriting Wednesday Writing Wednesday Writing Wednesday Writing Wednesday
ThursdayCandlemas CelebrationTen PlaguesWhat Baptism does for usMorality of the 2nd Commandment
FridayEucharistic AdorationPassover and the Red SeaHistory of ConfirmationFaculty / Students Basketball Game
Week 225678
MondayEucharist in ArtExodus in ArtSacraments in ArtMorality and Ethics Overview
TuesdayNWEARise of MosesNWEAFreedom and Choice
WednesdayNWEAWriting WednesdayNWEAWriting Wednesday
FridayEucharist in JudaismNotebook Quiz and Open Forum FridayWhat is a SacramentNotebook Quiz and Open Forum Friday

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