Third Grade

27 March, 2023

***Important Notes:

Some students have been struggling with the word problems. Please remind your child of the 5 Word Problem Steps that we went over in class:

  1. Read! Read the problem carefully.
  2. Find! Circle and underline important keywords, and the main question.
  3. Plan! Draw bar models or other models in order to figure out – what am I trying to find, and what operation(s) should I use? (X, ÷, +, – ) Does this problem have multiple steps?
  4. Solve! Make sure to show your work. Example: write 5×6=30
  5. Check! Make sure your answer makes sense.

Next Marian Antiphon: Ave Regina Caelorum

I will be teaching it to the students by saying the words, and by singing the melody, which they will then repeat back to me. If you would like to include this beautiful antiphon in your home for you and your child, then here is some information about it below, along with a video of its tone. It is traditionally sung after the Divine Office Hour, Compline.

“The four great seasonal Marian antiphons come from the Divine Office, office of Compline, the last of the sung hours of the day. At the close of Compline, one of the four seasonal Marian prayers was sung: Alma Redemptoris Mater, Ave Regina Caelorum, Regina Caeli, or Salve Regina.… [The Ave Regina Caelorum] is sung from after Purification (February 2 or Candlemas) until Easter Vigil. Its earliest appearance was in the 12th century, although some also attribute this text to Herimann the Lame.

Ave, Regina Caelorum,
Ave, Domina Angelorum:
Salve, radix, salve, porta
Ex qua mundo lux est orta:
Gaude, Virgo gloriosa,
Super omnes speciosa,
Vale, o valde decora,
Et pro nobis Christum exora.

“This translation was done by Dr. Rudolph Masciantonio, president of the Philadelphia Latin Liturgy Association:

“Hail, queen of heaven, hail lady of the angels. Hail, root, hail the door through which the Light of the world is risen. Rejoice, glorious Virgin, beautiful above all. Hail, O very fair one, and plead for us to Christ.”


Our Current Recitations/Prayers

Preamble of the Constitution!

Basic Information

Welcome to the Portal, Third Grade Parents! Thank you for sending your child to St. Thomas. Classical and Catholic education changed my life in high school, and so I am glad that I get to be exposing even younger students to this way of learning, and most of all, of being. I know that this upcoming year will be full of blessings, as I both learn from and teach your children.

The Purpose of this Portal: The portal is primarily a resource for you as a parent who wants to help keep your child on track. Throughout the year, at the beginning of every week, I will be updating the homework for the week. If you would like to double-check your child, if he is absent, or if he forgets or does not write in his planner, then this will be a helpful resource for you. This page will also be a place for me to provide certain links and other resources. Please do not allow your child to access or rely on this portal. Otherwise, he is likely to only rely on you and not to take up the responsibility of writing in his planner. I would like at least one parent to sign the child’s planner as a confirmation of completed homework.

Curriculum: During this first part of the year, we are ‘diving into the deep’ with the theme “Duc in Altum.” In Luke 5:4, Christ tells the doubtful Peter to let down his nets into the deep waters for a catch, and Peter catches a large and various multitude of fish. Each student has picked a virtue that they want Jesus to help them ‘catch’ during this upcoming term. We will use that virtue throughout the first part of the year to help us more thoroughly learn the parts of speech in grammar, to continue developing their writing skills, to continue learning how to read and discuss beautiful works together (starting with Charlotte’s Web – a perfect fall book!) in literature, to learn about our country’s origin and scope in history, to begin to understand Christ’s Church in religion, and to observe and wonder about the world around us (starting with water and climate) in science. Alongside all of these subjects, I also plan to have the students work on their penmanship, and to learn a recitation every couple of weeks. These recitations might be poems, scripture, excerpts, or songs. Poetry is a very beautiful and intuitive way to express and see into the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that I hope to help your child love more of this year. 

3rd Grade Schedule:

Since the 3rd graders have Special Subjects (Choir, Spanish, Library, P.E., Art) on different days at different times, the schedule can vary from day to day. The schedule can also vary depending on tests or certain activities that end up taking longer or shorter. In general, the first half of the day is spent with Language Arts (any combination of Spelling, Reading, Grammar, Writing) and Math. After Lunch and Recess, there are Specials, History, Science and/or Religion. Penmanship is sometimes done in the morning, or is done during those smaller windows later in the afternoon depending on the day. You can view the specific schedule under the tab below, named “Resources.”

Communication: In order to help your child to be and learn in the best way, I would like to be good at communicating with you all. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your child, the curriculum, or anything else. It is always best for us to meet or talk in person, whether that is briefly when you are picking up your child, or it is for a set time after school. I will be available most days to be in the school building from 3:30 to 5pm. Please set up a time with me through email or phone. My email is If you have simple questions or notices, then feel free to contact me through email or phone/text. Please try to contact me before 5pm. Otherwise, I will not be guaranteed to get back to you until early the next morning.  
Here is a link to Powerschool, which will allow you to see your student’s progress throughout the year:




Mrs. Emily Carter

Third Grade Teacher

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