6th-8th Grade Logic

04 November, 2019

Chapter 1 Test on the Ad Fontem Arguments (see assignments for details) on Wednesday, November 6th.

Introduction: If grammar is the ‘structure of language’ that allows language to be universally meaningful, logic is the ‘structure of thought’ that allows thought to be universally valid.  With the preponderance of superficial and irrational thought that pervades communication and argumentation these days, this course in logic will empower students to see through the fallacies in such thinking and become capable of a greater power of reasoning themselves. Classical education has always formed students in logic, it is only in the last century that such training was discarded.  For more information on why logic would be included in our curriculum you can watch the 2 minute introduction for parents from The Cambridge School, a classical Christian school in San Diego by clicking on the Resource link below.  

Class Organization: In this class we will be using the Classical Academic Press The Art of Argument text which presents 28 logical fallacies often encountered. The study of logical fallacies is a helpful foundation to the general study of logic as it allows students to see the role of logical thought in the context of daily circumstances of dialogue and communication. Each class students will be expected to take accurate notes based on the close reading and discussion of the text book. At the conclusion of class students will be provided an exit ticket quiz, usually open notes. Unit quizzes/assessments will also be provided. Classroom discussion participation will also be graded.




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