Fourth/Fifth Grade

05 April, 2020

I hope you all have a Blessed Holy Week. It is somewhat hard for me to think that it is actually Holy Week now; but picking up some Palms and holy water at the parish helped. As this is a ‘short’ school week, I’ve only put in three days of Lessons (Monday through Wednesday).

Due to the fact that we will not be back at the school building for this year and we have ‘blocked out’ a ‘lunch period’ for our online learning, we have slightly changed the ‘Zoom’ meeting times for the weeks ahead. This is the schedule for each day: 4th Grade Grammar at 9:30-10am; then 5th Grade Grammar at 10:30-11; then 4th Grade Math at 11:00-11:30; the 5th Grade Math after lunch at 12:30-1pm. Also, I’m changing the ‘corrections’ of the work of these two subjects (Grammar and Math) to the first part of the ‘Zoom’ meetings. This is what we did when we were in the classroom. This will also eliminate you or child from having to correct their work as we will do that in the ‘Zoom’ meeting. This schedule should give some ‘order’ to the day which will help your child learn and structure their day. I will most likely insert ‘Writing’ or ‘History’ or ‘Science’ to replace one Grammar class a week. But I first want to get this schedule going and see how it goes before I do that. That will most likely start next week.
If you have any other assignments to hand in, please do that asap. Grades are due Tuesday, April 7. Below are the ‘links’ to the Zoom meetings for this week. I hope this works; if it does not, I have an email ready to send out with the ‘links’. Thank you.

4th Grade Grammar: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 907 206 951
Password: 831748

4th Grade Math: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 130 243 919
Password: 233792

5th Grade Grammar: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 726 370 783
Password: 301547

5th Grade Math: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 492 136 458
Password: 473633




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