Fourth Grade

08 May, 2021

Good Job! That’s what I’m going to say to all the students on Monday morning for how well they handled themselves while taking the NWEA tests. I’ll let you know when the scores come in, but I think deserve an “applause” just for taking the tests.

This week Thursday the students have their “Our Lady” poster project due. I will be asking how the students are doing this Monday. If there are many students who need more time, I will push back the due date. However, I don’t want to have assignments to start “bunching up.” I’m looking forward to seeing these projects, since they did such a great job with their ‘Saints Poster Project’ and their ‘Nativity Scene Project’ from earlier in the year.

St. Thomas School will be undergoing an Accreditation visit this coming Thursday and Friday. There will be one or two adults in the class observing for parts of these days. This is just an FYI as I don’t see any problem with this, since we have had other observers in our classroom.

Finally, please continue to check your child’s planner. If you have any questions about it, please let me know. Thank you.




Michael Creaser

Fourth/Fifth Grade

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