28 September, 2020

Welcome to the Latin Class Page! My name is Denise DeRocher, and I am looking forward to working with you and your child this school year. Latin is the basis of the English language and so it builds your child’s vocabulary, and helps them learn English grammar. It also helps them learn good organization and memory habits… and so much more! Latin is FUN to learn!

5/6th graders will have a worksheet due every Wednesday, and they should study flashcards at home, especially on Wednesday and Thursday. They will usually have a quiz on Fridays.

7/8th graders will have homework due every Wednesday and Friday, usually 2 workbook pages due every Wednesday and two workbook pages due every Friday. They will have a quiz every Friday.

If I have not met you yet, I hope to! Please contact me through email or phone if you ever have a question about Latin or how things are going in class.




Denise DeRocher


(734) 769-0911 Ext. 3353

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