Second/Third Grade

22 November, 2020

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” —Mother Teresa

Action Items

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Please see below for the activities we will do for the week. We will be doing a couple of fun projects before we take our short break. I will miss the students for the rest of the week!

Homework This Week

2nd Grade Homework: math pages can be found in our online book under “Resources” in case your student is missing anything.

  • Monday: Read 20 minutes (choice book), math WS 42A/B pg 187-188, return tests
  • Tuesday: Read 20 minutes (choice book)

3rd Grade Homework: With a hard cover math book this year, all homework will be in a designated “math” notebook which will be turned in daily.

  • Monday: Read 20 minutes (choice book), Math Lesson 41 pg 246-248 odds, return tests
  • Tuesday: Read 20 minutes (choice book)

Other Announcements

  • 2nd Grade: Phonics test Monday
  • 3rd Grade: Religion test Tuesday, Grammar test Tuesday
  • Both Classes: Socratic Seminar on “Wedding Basket” Monday




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Second/Third Grade

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