Second Grade

15 January, 2022

“It is love that transforms: ordinary things become extraordinary when they are done with love.” -Pope Francis

Weekly Updates/Action Items

  • Monday: Half Day- Dismissal @ 11:40am
  • Wednesday: We have library. Remember to return your book.
  • Friday: End of Nicholas Term- report cards will be available for the second quarter next week.
  • Math: Answer Keys to our workbook for Chapter 6 will be available in resources soon
  • All School Mass/Adoration: Wednesday/Friday Mass @ 12:00pm; Friday Adoration @ 8:15am

Homework This Week:

  • Monday: read 20 minutes (sign), return tests
  • Tuesday: read 20 minutes (sign); math WB pg 123-124
  • Wednesday: read 20 minutes (sign), math WB pg 127-128
  • Thursday: read 20 minutes (sign), math WB pg 131-132, prepare for poem recitation/spelling test
  • Friday: read 20 minutes (sign)

Tests This Week:

  • Wednesday: Phonics Test 14
  • Friday: Poem recitation for “The Vulture” and spelling test list 15

Report Cards Next Week: Last week of Nicholas Term

Kindergarten-Third Grade report cards are represented on a 1-4 scale. Please note that in 2nd grade, most scores will be either a 2 or 3. Since these skills go up to third grade, many slots will still not yet be rated since they do not do them yet! Most skills are in progress as we continue our year.

  • 1 – Beginning: This rating identifies that your student is at the beginning level of a skill. There is a goal of individualized guidance as he or she continues to practice for mastery.
  • 2 – Developing: This rating identifies that your student is still developing the skill and they are showing some independence. This is a normal place to be as we continue to learn. It shows that they are processing and getting closer to mastery with a little more practice.
  • 3 – Mastery: This rating identifies that your student is demonstrating that they are proficient in the skill. They can complete the skill independently with little to no teacher assistance.
  • 4 – Applying: This rating identifies that your student has command of the skill, and is able to apply the skill to new and different situations. The student is well versed and can help teach the skill to another student.

Sacrament Preparation

Parent/Child Preparation Sessions from 6:00-7:30pm in the Parish Hall:
January 31st
February 28th
March 28th

First Communion Retreat/First Reconciliation

May 7: 9:00am-3:00pm in the School Library/Chapel

(First Communion practice, Communicant Interviews, and First Reconciliation.)

First Communion Mass

Saturday, May 14 @ 10:30am
There will not be a reception following, so communicants are free to celebrate with their extended families.




Miss Maura Cullen

Second Grade Teacher

(734) 769-0911 Ext. 3210

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