Second Grade

11 September, 2021

“It is a great gift indeed to love who you are.” -Wishtree

Welcome to our first full week!

Action Items:

  • NWEA Testing This Week: Students will participate in their fall NWEA Testing this week on Monday (reading) and Friday (math). In 2nd grade, the test changes slightly! Previously, headphones are used to read the questions to students. This is no longer the case! Scores may be affected because of this, but it is amazing to see the growth throughout the year as we make that switch to reading fluently. This is not taken as a grade of any kind. It is gathering baseline data of what students have accomplished last year, along with areas of strengths/growths that I can provide better in the classroom. I look forward to getting into a routine with students after we finish.
  • Wednesday/Friday: All School Mass at 12:00pm- all are welcome!
  • Friday: All School Adoration at 8:15am
  • WATER! Please bring a water bottle (or two) to school each day! Mrs. Steffy so generously has extras, but we try to keep them for emergencies.
  • Take Home Folders: Yay! Take home folders have arrived! Students will swap folders on Monday for a more durable, labeled one.
  • Mask Mandate: All students are required to wear masks when inside the building. Please be sure to provide your student a face covering or we can provide it for you. We will try to do as much outdoor learning as possible and enjoy the last bits of warm weather.

Sacrament Preparation (Important!)

This is a very exciting year with First Reconciliation and First Communion! In school religion classes, students will receive the appropriate Catechesis requirements for both of these sacraments beginning right after Christmas break. This means that students are not required to do CCD classes on weekends. Please ignore the registration form that was sent out last week, it is for the parish.

However, parents and family are also huge roles within this preparation as well! Although we do work in class, a few times throughout the year as an entire parish community, there are four highly recommended/necessary meetings with our Director of Religious Education. This is a chance to take time with your student as well in preparation. Please take note of these dates below:


  • October 11: 6:00-7:30 in the parish hall- parent/child overview meeting
  • October 25: 6:00-7:30 in the parish hall– parent/child Reconciliation meeting
  • January 10: 6:00-7:00 in the church– Reconciliation refresher/practice
  • January 20: 6:00pm in the church- Reconciliation prayer service


  • January 31: 6:00-7:30 in the parish hall- parent/child overview meeting
  • March 7: 6:00-7:30 in the parish hall- parent/child Communion meeting
  • April 9: 9:00am-12:00pm in the parish hall- First Communion retreat (I will be there!)
  • April 30: 10:00am in the church- First Communion Practice
  • May 7: 10:00am in the church- First Communion Mass


  • During the school year, expect your student to have a regular phonics test each Wednesday and a spelling test/poem recitation each Friday. I hope that this helps keeps item in routine! This is our first week of regular assessments, which means that we will have a phonics test, spelling test, and poem.
  • We also happen to be finishing our math chapter this week, so we will have our first math test on Friday. I send home a “practice” test on Wednesday as homework, then go through it as a class and play math games on Thursday. They will be fully prepared and the real test is the same as practice, but with different numbers! Expect math to be every 2-3 weeks.
  • Science, religion, and history may appear casually as a “check in.”
  • Test Return: On Mondays, students will get back all assessments from the previous week. Please look at them and return them so we can put them in your student’s data binder throughout the year. It will be in your student’s planner as well.


  • Monday: Read 20 minutes/sign; sign/return tests from last week
  • Tuesday: Read 20 minutes/sign; Math: pg 21-22, review for phonics test
  • Wednesday: Read 20 minutes/sign; Math: practice test
  • Thursday: Read 20 minutes/sign, prepare for poem recitation, math and spelling test
  • Friday: Read 20 minutes/sign

Tests this Week:

  • Monday/Friday: NWEA
  • Wednesday: Phonics
  • Thursday: Math
  • Friday: Spelling/Poem Recitation

Curriculum Notes/Reminders:

  • Spelling: Spelling lists can be found under “resources.” When spelling lists are sent home, it will say “homework” on the top- students do not need to rewrite the words! This is just the list provided to practice.
  • Math: Most nights when math homework is sent home, there will be a “challenge” section of the assignment. This part will be optional! These are typically higher order thinking questions that are applications to basic skills used/taught in class. They will still be sent home if your student wants to give them a try. Please keep an eye out for those sections. They are quite tricky!




Miss Maura Cullen

Second Grade Teacher

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