Intention: St. Thomas Parish

As we pray, let’s call to mind the faces and names of people in this parish.

Let’s ask our patron, St. Thomas the Apostle, to pray with us for God’s blessing on this church.

Each prayer begins:

Lord Jesus, we unite ourselves to your most bitter passion. 

We come under the covering and cleansing of your Precious Blood, poured out for the whole world.

Each prayer ends:

For this we pray, O Jesus. Amen

Thank you for this Church you have given us, a lovely space in which to worship you. We ask you to provide for all the practical needs of the parish … Bless those who maintain the property; reward them for their service. We ask a special anointing on all those involved in the renovation project, that their work would make your glory and truth present to all who see its beauty.

We pray for every member and former member of St. Thomas … Seal the work of grace planted in their hearts; let it bear fruit in eternity.

We pray for the families of St. Thomas, especially for those couples preparing for marriage, for the newly married, and for all our newly baptized babies …make our parishioners’ homes happy, holy, safe places where we help one another to heaven. Please give our parents the grace they need to live faithfully and sacrificially.

We pray for those who are being drawn and RE-drawn to the Catholic faith through St. Thomas Church and its outreaches … Bless those who attend Alpha and other encounter programs and all those who are connecting virtually to our media resources during this quarantine. Thank you for those who lead our Faith Formation programs. Give them wisdom and a heart full of love for your flock; infuse them with supernatural energy for their work …Please anoint all of our catechists, making them witnesses not only to the truth of the faith, but also to the power of the Holy Spirit and the joy of intimate fellowship with you, the Bread of Life and the Savior of the World. In a particular way, we entrust all who are preparing to receive first sacraments this year. Bring them joyfully to the fullness of faith and participation in the life of the church and grant them the gift of perseverance in their call to follow you in the Holy Catholic Church.

We pray for our deacons and our priests, Fr. Bill and Fr. Dan, and for all the priests staying in the rectory… Equip them for ministry; provide for their every need; protect them with mighty angels from the attacks of the enemy; console them; keep them close to your heart. We pray in particular for our hospital chaplains, Fr. Lew and Fr. Joy, for your protection on them during the COVID-19 crisis.

Please raise up strong vocations within our parish to the consecrated life … To those you are calling, grant the courage to say yes. We ask a special blessing on those living at the St. Catherine house. We pray for the office staff, the leaders of our various ministries, the liturgists, musicians, administrators, and all others who contribute to our parish life … Give them all the wisdom and strength they need to carry out their work in keeping with your will.

Bring revival and refreshment to every person who connects with our community …We pray for all St. Thomas prayer groups, study groups, service groups and other organizations (pause). Keep each one faithful to its special mission.

We lift up to you now all the prayers written in our parish book of intercession, all the prayers submitted to Powerline Prayer Team, the prayers of our pastor, Fr. Bill, and those special intentions we have brought here today. 

Gathering up all these intentions, we implore You, Jesus, for the mending of every breach, the healing of every wound, the forgiveness of every sin. We ask for the lifting of oppression, deliverance out of danger, strength in trial, solace in sorrow. We ask for an infilling of sanctifying grace and for an outpouring of the actual graces needed in our parish at this moment. We ask for angels to guard us, for the mantle of Mary to enfold us, and for the prayers of the saints to protect us. Most of all, we plead for more of the Holy Spirit, and for greater faith, hope, and love in every heart.


St. Thomas the Apostle Church