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Scripture Spotlight Ep. 4

Scripture Spotlight Ep. 3

Our Parishioners’ Testimonials

Beautiful church, beautiful presence of God and the Holy Spirit.

Love the Mass here. Even the choir here makes Mass a more solemn and profound experience. The welcoming committee always there with a smile. Thank you for making Mass a beautiful and blessed experience for us.

Great priests, marvelous liturgies, and a welcoming congregation. I love walking through the doors of this beautiful church. There’s a unique sense of peace in this space that leaves me a little more hopeful every time.


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Mass Times

Mass Times

We are open! Please Join us for Mass and come worship with us. "If we really understood the Mass, we would die of joy." - St. John Vianney



Keep up to date with our Parish news through our bulletin. Find out all of our crucial information when you need it. Our bulletin is updated every week.

Join our Pentecost Novena

Join our Pentecost Novena

Join our Pentecost Novena beginning May 14 to pray with all of St. Thomas the Apostle parish: “Come Holy Spirit!”

Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Join a Bible Study at St. Thomas! The Bishop has announced that this year is the Year of the Bible. You can take this opportunity to grow in faith and connect to the parish community by joining a St. Thomas Bible study.

Need Prayer?

No matter what happens, stay on the grid. Connect to the St. Thomas POWERLINE Prayer Chain! More than 40 people are waiting to pray for your needs! If you would like to speak with someone in person about your situation, call Pastoral Ministry at 734.761.8606 ext. 1008.

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