Intention: The Sick and Suffering

As we pray, let’s call to mind the people we know who are suffering mentally, physically, or spiritually, asking St. Mother Teresa, who had such a heart for the poor, to intercede with us.

Each prayer begins:

Lord Jesus, we unite ourselves to your most bitter passion. 

We come under the covering and cleansing of your Precious Blood, poured out for the whole world.

Each prayer ends:

For this we pray, O Jesus. Amen

We pray for all victims … Help those who suffer the effects of violence, war, human trafficking, and all forms of abuse and exploitation, especially little children. We do not understand why the innocent suffer, but we trust you to bring good out of every evil and secure justice on earth at the last.

Provide for all refugees and for the homeless, especially here in our city … Give them the food and the shelter that they need, through the efforts of generous people.

Please set free people who are in bondage to evil spirits, trapped in darkness … Give them hope. Free them from shame. Bring into their lives people who will stand with them and fight for their deliverance.

We lift up those we know who are caught in the slavery of addiction… Enable them to admit their need and turn to you and others for help. Grant them grace to seek and find healing and recovery.

We pray for those in prison, for people who do not have the care they need, for all lonely and neglected members of society … Give them faith in your tender presence with them always.

We plead for your mercy on every person suffering from mental illness, especially from depression … provide good counsel for them and help them find peace. We especially lift to your mercy those contemplating suicide. May they realize that their lives have meaning in you and may they choose life!

We all know many people who are sick or injured. We bring them now before you, especially those suffering from coronavirus … Grant healing if you will it; if not, please encourage their hearts to trust in your goodness and turn to you for strength.

Be near to all who are facing death today … Drive out fear and fill their hearts with the hope of heaven. Save every soul and bring each one safe to heaven, even at the last hour, as you did the good thief (Luke 23).

We pray for the sorrowful, for all those who grieve … Comfort them through the kindness of good people who stand by them and share the heavy burden of loss.

We lift up to you now all the prayers written in our parish books of intercession, the prayers of our pastor, Fr. Bill, and those special intentions we have brought here today.

Gathering up all these intentions, we implore You, Jesus, for the mending of every breach, the healing of every wound, the forgiveness of every sin.

We ask for the lifting of oppression, deliverance out of danger, strength in trial, solace in sorrow.

We ask for an infilling of sanctifying grace, and for an outpouring of the actual graces needed at this moment.

We ask for angels to guard us, for the mantle of Mary to enfold us, and for the prayers of the saints to protect us.

Most of all, we plead for more of the Holy Spirit, and for greater faith, hope, and love in every heart.


We end this time of intercession, praying an Our Father, a Hail Mary and Glory Be for the Holy Father’s intentions.

St. Thomas the Apostle Church