Little Saints Preschool is part of St. Thomas the Apostle School family, established in 1868. Since 2003, we have served our preschool children with thoughtful instruction of mind and spirit in a safe and nurturing environment. We are located just a few blocks north of downtown Ann Arbor, between State and Elizabeth Streets. We are minutes from the University of Michigan campus, University Hospitals complex and downtown businesses.

Our Curriculum

Religious Experience – The natural religious sensibilities of a young child are nurtured in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd formation program.  This program allows a child to develop an intuitive understanding and appreciation of:

» The Mass

» Advent

» Easter

» The Church

» Eucharist

Academic Foundations – Providing each child the linguistic skills in rhyme, letter recognition and story as a preparation to reading & written expression in:

»  Communication

»  Pre-Writing

»  Pre-Reading

»  Phonetics

»  Reading & Writing

Sensory Exploration – A child’s senses are their window to the created world through which they experience wonder in discovering the order, beauty and nature of the wonderful connections that make the world understandable:

»  Music

»  Geometry

»  Numeracy

»  Science

»  Geography

Social Development – Providing each child a setting and the support to grow in self understanding, motor control, empathy and generosity:

»  Self-Awareness

»  Environment

»  Grace & Courtesy

»  Movement

»  Community

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School