From Our Headmaster

Welcome to St. Thomas!
We are honored to invite you, your child, and your family to our St. Thomas Catholic School community! From preschool through 10 th grade, St. Thomas classical Catholic school is cultivating a contemplative learning environment as a ministry of St. Thomas Catholic Parish for practicing Catholic families attending weekly Sunday Mass.  We welcome families called to join in our community of classical education centered on Jesus Christ truly present in the Eucharist. Our community of parents, teachers, and students is our greatest strength, for our families and staff are closely united in preserving and developing an authentic Catholic and classical education.

The primary goal of a classical Catholic education at St. Thomas is to initiate your child into a vision of reality that comes from the Catholic tradition of worship, thought, and life. To that end, our school binds itself to hand on the Faith as it has been handed on in the Catholic Church. Thus, we are committed to helping the students grow in holiness and forming the students in love and wonder of what is true, good, and beautiful. A central part of this formation is the 7 liberal arts, the heart of a classical education, passed down in the West and developed by the Church. Whether memorizing poetry, learning to think logically and read beautiful literature, or developing the art of speaking well, students are led to participate in a tradition and are thereby formed in its mindset and ideas. In passing on the ideas of a Catholic way of life, we are offering students a vision that reveals to them a meaningful identity and purpose.

Please feel welcome to contact us to discover more, to schedule a tour, or to learn about our generous financial aid. We welcome you to our community of love and learning that is our St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School!

In Christ,

Michael J. Sauter

Michael Sauter


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St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School