What does the Society of St. Vincent de Paul at St. Thomas do?

We help families and individuals with rent, security deposits, medical equipment, utility bills, and a host of other needs. We collaborate with 15-20 different social service agencies in town to do this. We serve in order to uplift human dignity. We provide a follow up visit to our clients and bring them a “Blessing Bag” which consists of items they cannot buy with their Bridge Cards (food stamps). These items include diapers, kitchen supplies, towels, and other personal hygiene products. (Imagine coming out of homelessness into stable housing with absolutely nothing in the apartment and very little money to buy essentials.) Currently we can assist with about $4,500 per month in aid and another $1,500 in Blessing Bag Assistance, although the need is greater than that. We have no paid positions—everyone volunteers their time and energy to do this work. Some of our volunteers are members (Vincentians) and we rely on many other volunteers who contribute to our efforts. Email us at vdepaul530@gmail.com to learn more about how you can help! We can also be reached at 734-761-8606 ext. 2901.

Quotes about the work we do:

“God has put it on your heart to help my family. We are very grateful for helping us in our time of need. I am now in our new home and the supplies are just what we needed to make it through. Again thank you so much for everything.”

“I enjoy delivering bags to people in need. I make the phone calls to the people for scheduling when to visit. It is during this time that sometimes a person might share a bit of his or her story. I am humbled and honored to help reach out to give that little extra bit to help them out. I have found that the people receiving the blessing bags have been grateful. It is a joy- filled service.” – SVDP volunteer Linda Campbell

Donate to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

You can make a donation to the work we do by visiting the St. Thomas online donation portal and selecting “St. Vincent de Paul” from the fund dropdown menu.

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